Childless Problem Solution Astrologer

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Childless Problem Solution Astrologer

Santan Dharan Mantra for Childless

Childless Problem Solution Astrologer, The greatest curse in a married couple’s life is to be unable to conceive a child. Once you get married, your family expects you to deliver them the torch bearer of the clan. Unfortunately, there are some couples, who cannot conceive and face problems. Even if they conceive, they face abortion or miscarriage.

Childless Problem Solution Astrologer

Childless Problem Solution Astrologer
Childless Problem Solution Astrologer

Many a times, doctors cannot find the reason of such crisis. This happens due to the malefic effects of some plants present in the birth chart. Rahu plays an important role in the life of a couple who want child. Malefic position of Rahu may cause troubles in conceiving and child delivery.

Woman have to face more than what men has to face, in case the couple is unable to deliver a child. The society is cruel towards her. Chant mantra to conceive child. Mantra has a lot of power. It creates vibrations in the body and the Upasana that you do with it comes back to you. Consult a childless problem solution astrologer and know the mantra for you.

Chant the Shri Krishna Mantra for Santan Prapti:

“Oma Shreenga Hreenga Kleenga Glaaunga Devaakisuta Govinda Vaasudevaya Jaagaatpaate Dehiya Mee Taanaayaama Krishna Tvaamaahama Shaaranama Gaataaha”

“Omye Kleengaye Gopalaveshaadhaaraaya Vaasudevaaye Huma Phaat Swaahaa |”

You need a string of beads, or rosary to count the chanting of Santan Gopal Mantra. Use Tulsi Mala as a rosary for this mantra for conceiving healthy child chanting. Offer Swet pushp and Peet pushp to Baal Gopal while you chant the mantra.

Chant the Santan Gopal for 1, 25,000 times. The best time or Shubha Muhurta to chant Santan Gopal Mantra is Sukl pakch, Subh Nakchatra, Chandravali and Subhtithi.

Lord Vasudeva is called the God of child birth in Indian Vedic mythology. Chant the Santan Prapti Mantra of Lord Vasudeva to get child.

“Oma Shreeyaye Naamo Bhaagaavaateye Jaagaatpraasutaayeya Naamaaha”

Mantra for Conceiving

If you are facing troubles in conceiving, you may chant the following mantra to get pregnant with baby boy/girl:

Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra:

“Omya Hreema Yoginima Yoginiya Yogesawariya Yoogaye Bhaayaankaari Saakaalaa Sthaavaaraa

Jaanagaamaasyaa Mukhaa Hridaayaama Maamaa Vaasaama aakaarshaa Akaarshaayaa Naamaahaa”

Swayamvara parvathi japa can be performed for all matrimony related issues like:

  1. Keeping up with the wavelength of your partner
  2. Improving intimacy with your partner
  3. Increase in the number of chances of conceiving a child
  4. Pregnancy on time
  5. Overcome infertility issues
  6. Prevent abortion

Mantra to conceive a male baby:

“Saarvaabaadhaabinirmuktoo dhaanaadhaanyaasutanvitaaha

Maanushyoo taatpraasaadena bhaavishyaati naa saamshaayaha”

Sloka to conceive a healthy child:

“Devaakisutaama Govindaama Vaasudevaama Jaagaatpaatima

DehimeTaanaayaama Krishnaa twaama-ahaama Shaaraanaagaataaha”

Perform Santana Gopala Homam for the improvement of fertility and child bearing capacity. This Homam is performed by priests. You can arrange for the Puja at your home or book Puja with us.

Mantra to prevent abortion

Many women suffer from abortion. This is the reason why doctors also ask couples not to spread the pregnancy news for first three months.

Childless Problem Solution Astrologer

There initial months are crucial for the mother. Girls, who conceive at an early age, may not have developed ovary to support the child.

Due to small and minor reasons, she might face abortion. Abortion or miscarriage brings depressions into a couple’s life. The girl is cursed by her n-laws. Another negative fact of this is that the chances of next conceiving become less after a miscarriage or an abortion.

Chant the Garbarakshambika sloka to conceive a healthy child and prevent abortion.

“Auuma devendhiraaniya naamosthubyaama Dhevenadhiraa piriyaa baaaminiya

Vivaahaa baakyaama aarokyaama puthraa laabama saadhehime

Padhima dhehiya sudhaama dhehi Soubaaakyaama dhehimei subahei

Soumaaangaalyaama subaama Gnayaanama Dhehimee Gaarbaaraakshaakea

Kaaathyaayiniya maahaamaayei Mahaa yoginayaa dhisvaari

Naandhagobaa seedhaama dhevaama Paadhima Megurudhei Naamaaha”

Also, you can chant the Garbharakshambika Gayathri mantra to conceive and to prevent abortion.

“Oma Gaarbharaakshaambigaai vithmaahe

Maanggaalaa devaatheye dhimaahe

Thaanno devi prosothaayaat”

Learn the Moola Mantra to conceive a healthy child and safe guard it from abortion or miscarriage by regular chanting of the mantra.

“Oma hrima laajjaa jjaalyaama thaaha thaaha laah oma hrima svaahaa”

Another powerful from Atharvana Veda to prevent abortion:

“Pumansaama Paatraama Jaaneya Tama Pumaanaanu Jaayaataam Bhaagvaati Putraanaam Maataa Jataanaam Jaamyaashyaam Yan”

Offering Puja to Conceive a Child at the Temple

Offer Puja at Garbharakshambika temple if you are facing troubles in conceiving. This Puja will shower the blessings of Devi Garbharakshambika on you. You will conceive and successfully deliver a healthy child.

Book Garbharakshambika Puja with us if you are unable to offer the Puja at Garbharakshambika temple. We arrange Puja and Pushpanjali at the Garbharakshambika temple for you. It will help you to overcome pregnancy related problems and childbirth.

Childless Problem Solution Astrologer

Our service is for the predicament of those couples, who cannot travel thousands of kilometers and to be physically present at the temple of Goddess Garbharakshambika. We serve you and offer Puja and Prayer to Devi Garbharakshambika on your behalf. We perform the Puja with strictest rituals and send the temple prasadam to you.

Childless Problem Solution Astrologer

We offer the followings when you book child birth Puja with us:

  1. Prasadam of the temple that we offer to Devi Garbarakshambika on your behalf
  2. Packet of Kumkum and Vibhuthi
  3. Photo of Garbharakshambika Goddess
  4. Mantra and Sloka that you need to be recite after the Puja Samapan

We inform you about the date and time of the Puja beforehand, so that you can mentally connect yourself to the Puja from home. Book the Garbharakshambika Puja with us and let the blessings of the Goddess Garbarakshambika shower into your womb.

Childless Problem Solution Astrologer

Parvati Nandan Child Conceiving Mantra to Get a Healthy Child

Chant the Ganesh mantra for conceiving and get healthy child. Parvati nandan Ganesh is the aspiration of married couples. Every woman wants to nurture a child as healthy and intelligent as Lord Ganesha. Chant the Ganesh mantra to get a child with the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

“Oma Madaan Maahaa Gaanpaatyaai Raakshaamritaam Maatsutaam Dehi ||”