Divorce Problem Solution Astrology

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Divorce Problem Solution Astrology

Divorce Problem Solution Astrology, So, you are searching remedies for difficulties in your love life? You are probably afraid that the differences can lead you towards divorce.

Divorce Problem Solution Astrology

Divorce Problem Solution Astrology
Divorce Problem Solution Astrology

Furthermore, you do not think it’s the last solution. You may be wondering that in old times life was not like this. Finally you remember those old wives tales about spells and amulets to bring back lost love.

You probably heard those from your granny. So, are those spell helpful? Well, astrology or particular planet has some effects on your love life. Therefore, you should find out the reason of your difficulties first of all.

Asian and European culture has a rich history of performing witchcraft. The natural or white witchcraft can bring you mental power and confidence. Furthermore, this kind of witchcraft makes your connection strong with nature.

We are all from nature and we will go back to nature at the end. According to witchcraft when we face love troubles, we actually lose the connection between souls.

So this love spells and rituals can bring success in love life. Finally, there are black spells also. They are powerful and usually break the natural balance while invoking evil spirits/deities. Therefore, you should consult astrologers/spell casters before you use any spell.

Now a day divorce rate is increasing rapidly. According to sociology, the workaholic and fast life are the major reasons. However astrology defines separation as the effects of certain planets. Furthermore, Indian astrology shows the 7Th, 8th and 12th house in the birth chart play crucial roles for differences and separation.

Especially relevant is the effects of the major planets like Sun, Saturn, Mars and Venus etc. If the commanding Sun is misplaced and connect the 7th house it will bring differences in couples. The place of Sun in 1st or 7th house assures divorce for ego.Furthermore, if the Venus comes in a narrow inclination with the Sun in the 2nd/4th/7th house then you cannot stop divorce.

Furthermore, if the warmonger Mars stays in the 2nd/4th, 7th/8th or 12th house it will bring differences in married life. The 3rd or 11th house position of Mars can bring physical assault in the bride’s life. But well placed Mars can bring you long happy married life. Finally Saturn’s position in the 1st and 7th house can bring suspicion in love life which will lead divorce.

Divorce Problem Solution Astrology

Usually astrologers try to make the 7th house strong to stop divorce/ troubles. Most noteworthy spells for happy married life are Lord Shiva and Ganesha Spells. Another important spell is Lord Vishnu Mantra. You should chant the spell 1000times everyday but particularly on Wednesday and Thursday. Lord Shiva Mantra needs 108 times of chanting daily for successful married life.

In addition to spells, gemstones can bring you happiness in your married life. Furthermore, gemstones can prevent divorce and other difficulties. But you should consult baba jis/ gurus before using them. Use of Hessonite for the ill effects of Rahu /north lunar node can bring you hassle free married life.

Furthermore, the conjoined effects of Sun and Venus in the 7th house can be reduced using diamond/opal. Taming Sun can prevent the divorce. Blue sapphire removes the ill effects of Saturn while ruby can give strength to the weak Sun in 7th house.

The passionate Mercury will bring you lost love if you use emerald. Finally, Gomed can cut the ill effects of Sun and Saturn in the 9th/10th/11th house of birth chart.

Goddess Parvati is known as the goddess of power and passion. Therefore, using Goddess Parvati mantra daily can solve all the problems in your conjugal life. This spell has some strict rituals. You should start the rituals in a waxing moon in a place cleared with Ganga water.

You should sit in a red blanket while facing north. After the chanting you must offer Goddess green lentils in front of a Ghee lamp. You should try it for 21days without a break. You will get the old spark back in life. Another important spell to solve divorce is love spell.

In witchcraft you need some ingredients to cast the spell. You should use parchment, wooden pencil, red and white candles.  First of all create your circle in a clean and quiet place to get clear mind.

Now light your candles using wooden matchstick and write names with a heart surrounding them. Finally put wax from both candles on it and make your wish for strong love between you. Another effective way to bring back love and peace is the use of herbs.

Tamarind and Pepper can protect you from the third person in the love life. Primrose and Rose can bring you love and passion back while Skullcap offers you fidelity.

Divorce Problem Solution Astrology

Furthermore, you can stop your divorce with red and pink wax spell. You need parchment, red, pink candles and pencil for this. First of all draw three hearts with your husband/wife’s name in parchment. Then put wax from pink candle and blow it while making your wish.

Do the same with red candle and put the parchment hidden in a wooden box. Your divorce will stop permanently. Finally, you can consider the Vashikaran or mind control spells.

They are spells of illusion with negative effects. Hence, you should consult astrologer baba or guru for this. Reaching Siddh is difficult for these spells so you can use chanted ring/talisman or amulets from babas.

Divorce Problem Solution Astrology

Vashikaran use black magic also. Hence use these spells knowing all the consequences. The Kamakhya Vashikaran can bring back passion and lust while Aghori vashikaran use evil spirit to control your spouse’s mind. Mohini Vashikaran can kill the differences in your love life and stop the divorce.

You can use Vashikaran potions and chanted talisman given by guru/baba. The talisman should be hidden when you wear it. You should fed /apply the potion per baba’s guidance. Furthermore, moon magic is strong love spell also. You should use the spell in a full/waxing moon to get desirable result. Remember black magic is the last thing you should try.