Husband Ko Vash Me Karne Ke Upay

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Husband Ko Vash Me Karne Ke Upay

Husband Ko Vash Me Karne Ke Upay, Marriage is the most sacred, essential and imposing social institution that bond two souls to lead a life till death. As per Hindu faith, this marital bondage will continue for ‘Saat Janam’ or seven re-births’. The faith and the trust of a wife are too deep-rooted. The Hindu Mythology has the instance of Shavitri, who could bring back life of her dead husband Satyavan, even from Yama.

Husband Ko Vash Me Karne Ke Upay
Husband Ko Vash Me Karne Ke Upay

But the present day husbands have very distraction mood and have-something-new attitude. You must have observed that after marriage, your husband appears to be extremely loyal and dedicated to you. He would do everything to fulfill your desires. You may be wondering, why. It’s man’s psychology to find and experience the biological difference of genders. Once that is satiated, he becomes indifferent to his wife. The only solution for you, under such circumstances is to find husband ko vash karne ka upay.

If you love any one most in this world, it is your husband. This gives you the right to have your husband under ‘vash’ or control. Consult a specialist and know about husband ko control karne ka tarika. You know that your relationship with your husband has great impact on your children and other members of your family. When you find your husband drifting away from you or trying to establish relationship with other women, be alert. Instead of having a battle of words, apply the husband ko manane/attract karne ke upay.

With a little effort and a bit of patience, you can bring harmony to prevail in your marital relationship. There are certain god given traits and upays which you can apply. These are, sweet words, physical attraction, yielding to sexual demands. You should give adequate time, efforts, attention and concern, as and when required by your husband

You may find that despite applying all possible upays, you still find your husband distracted from you. The simple reason is that he must have been attracted by another woman; either through her beauty or sweet words. Still, there is nothing for you to be desperate, frustrated or disappointed. Consult a reputed marriage specialist and get the husband ko vash me karneka totka. If you apply these as directed, you will find miraculous change in the mental and physical activities of your husband.

You will find him glued to you. You will get back the lost love, favor and romantic treatment of your husband. But one thing you should remember. Your husband should never feel or realize that he is being controlled by you. Else, his masculine ego will make him to revert back to his original act and behavior. You must be tactful, witty and sweaty.

The worst possible eventuality for you may be the extra-marital relationship of your husband. Can you ever tolerate to find your husband in a compromising situation with another woman? But the reason of such action of your husband may be something lacking from your side. The husband-wife relationship is extremely private, secret and confidential. Retrospect yourself.

If you allow such situations to continue, you may be subjected to still worse situation and it may even lead to a situation of divorce. There are so many resources you can resort to. Men are prone to be attracted towards three things- beauty, money and food. You can prepare good food to his desire or have a makeup that would attract him. Give him gifts that he likes the most. Show him your care and concern by pampering him. If everything fails, your only option is husband ko manane/attract karne ka upay.

God created us as female and male; not just with biological difference. Rather, there are differences in interest, skills, abilities, wits, mood, attitude and ego. Most of the marital discord arises mainly because of ‘ego clash’. You can recall the story of the movie ‘Abhiman’; with Amitabh Bachan and Jaya Bhaduri experiencing ‘ego clash’. If you are passing under such situation, you have three options before you.

The first one is husband ko vash me karne ka totka, the second is husband ko manane/attract karne kke upay. The last one is husband ko control karne ka tarika. Consult a tried and trusted marriage specialist who will show you the right ways and means. Never commit the mistake to continue the situation of marital discord, as it is. Not only you, but your children too will have great sufferings and mental torture. Pluck the bud of discord before it blossoms.

If you are living in a nuclear family and are a working lady, it is extremely important that your husband does as you desire. This is the basic need of your family. But, man’s mind is like a ‘Awaara Baadal’ or a vagabond cloud. It has no fixed dwelling and quickly gets attracted to sweet words and beauty of other women. You must therefore be well-versed with husband ko manane/attract ke upay and husband ko vash me karne ka totka.

These are strong weapons to fight against lusty eyes of ill-willed women. And if you know the husband ko control karne ka tarika, it will act like a ‘Brahmastra’. No ill spirit or magic spells can stand against it. Your husband will not see even the shadow of other woman. If you secretly desire your husband to be ‘hen-pecked’, the husband ko vash karne ka totka is a unique tool.

You should know that your husband longs for the benefits of your insight, and intuition. You should share your perspective with due humility and respect. But as human being, you are apt to make harsh judgment, criticism and slip of tongues.

Some of your inadvertent actions may also lead to marital discord. But this does not happen when your husband is under your control. Therefore, never miss the opportunity of applying husband ko vash me karne ka totka, when circumstances demand. Your basic aim should be a harmonious marital life.