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Husband Vashikaran Mantra

Stay Happy Marital Life

Husband Vashikaran Mantra, Once a man asked his bosom friend, “I heard, now days you are quarrelling with Bhabijee frequently”. Instantly the answer came; “Do you mean to say that I’ll love your Bhabijee and quarrel with another woman.” That is the special feature in husband-wife relationship. Husbands take things for granted while dealing with their spouse.

Husband Vashikaran Mantra
Husband Vashikaran Mantra

They forget that marriages are made in heaven. God creates a life partner so that you live in peace in tranquility. But most husbands forget this divine rule and treat their wives as adversaries.  The husband feels that he is the boss and is ‘always right’.

The consequences are difference of opinions, battle of words, mental agony and failed marriage, leading to divorce. And if your husband is short-tempered, your emotional status will further worsen. In such cases, powerful husband vashikaran mantra is your best option.

Husband and wife should realize and practice the emotional values such as patience, sacrifice, humility, empathy, mutual trust, forgiveness. The essence of all these is that you should treat your spouse as you like to be treated. The following are certain rules for a successful marriage.

  1. Be forgiving
  2. Never go to bed being angry
  3. Have intense love for one another
  4. Be loyal
  5. Treat your wife as a half of your body (Ardhangini)
  6. Show deep respect to your husband

Despite following the above, your husband may still be arrogant and not caring for you. Then, you can’t change his action and attitude by your personal effort. You have to take shelter of a professional marriage specialist for getting strong husband vashikaran Mantra.

Vashikaran is a Sanskrit word; Vashi meaning to control and karan meaning performing the ritual in the right manner.  The mantras have the power of changing the mental as well as physical activities of your husband. His first priority will be to do what you ask to do, even if others call him hen-pecked.

The worst situation for you is, when you find your husband involved in extra-marital affairs with other women. This is because you have no control over him. You know that a man’s mind is like a vagabond cloud that changes its position unpredictably.

If you find your husband being attracted towards other women, it is the right time for you to consult a professional astrology expert and apply strong husband vashikaran Mantra. One of the mantras is “ Oum hrim shrim krim thrin, thaa thaa (recite the name of your husband.  For getting sidhhi or mastery over the mantra, you have to recite it for 10,000 times in seven days. Your husband won’t even put his eyes on other women.

If your husband is not pleased with you, your children and other members of your family will become the worst sufferers. Sexual relationship and the presence of offspring in your home strengthen the marital relationship. With the astrological remedies in the shape of husband vashikaran mantra remedies, you can win the love of your husband.

The following is another mantra. Oum Namoh Mahayakhine Mama Pati (Mention the name your husband Vashya kuru Kuru Shwaha. Recite this mantra for one or two rosary, daily for 21 days. The supernatural power of the mantra will infuse all positive feelings in the mind of your husband with deep love, affection and concern for you. For getting the most effective result, you must consult an expert Astrology specialist.

Here is another husband vashikaran mantra and remedies. Oum Namoh Bhagapate Shri Suraya whi Sahastra-Kiranaya Ye Atul-Bal-Parakramaya Nava-grahaDashDik-Paal-Laxmi- Deva-Baaya, Dharma Karma- Sahitaaye (Mention the name of your husband) Naathaya Naathaya, Mohaya MohaY, Aakarshaya Aakarshya, Dasaanudasha kuru-Kuru, Vasha Kuru-Kuru Swahaa.

For doing the Sidhhi, mediate on Suryadev and recite the above mantra for 108 times daily for nine days. Your husband will think only of you. You will get absolute physical love of your husband.

It has been said that photography contains a subtle reality which makes it more real than reality. The reason is that although the person in the photograph changes, the photo remains unchanged for ever. What you long for is that the love of your husband should remain unchanged for ever.

This is possible if you can control his mind and action by pursuing husband vashikarana mantra by photo. Under the guidance of an experienced Astrologer, you should do the following ritual. This is a tantric ritual and therefore, should be performed under the guidance of a specialist.

You have to put your husband’s photo near the photo of your deity. Then, please your deity by doing Japa, Pooja, Hawan, sweet and flowers. The tantric will cast the vashikaran spell on the photo of your husband.

Here is another process of husband vashikaran mantra by photo. On a full moon night, take your bath at 11 PM in a calm and lonely place. Sit on a wooden asana, covered with a red cloth. Place the photo of your husband in front of you and stare at it with full concentration till you are unable to hold any more.

Then, close your eyes and feel that your husband is in the same room and is coming near you. Listen to the tone of a video, specifically made for it. When the tone stops, submit your supplication to your deity, specifically mentioning that your husband should come back to your life.

Marriage is the most important aspect of human life. Therefore, you must take all possible care to see that your marital life goes smoothly. When you find any deviation, get alerted and go in for immediate remedial measure that has some supernatural power.

You can get it only from a specialist in this field. Don’t allow the situation to linger otherwise it may lead to worse situation; even to ‘divorce’.