Kamiya Sindoor Vashikaran Mantra Totke

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Kamiya Sindoor Vashikaran Mantra Totke

Kamiya Sindoor Vashikaran Mantra Totke, Kamiya Sindhoor is a popular and very well used product in the Indian communities. Sindhoor or tilak is applied on our forehead. Women call it Sindhoor and when men wear it, it is called tilak. The tradition of wearing a sindhoor or tilak is a very age old practice among Indian men and women. There are many benefits and reasons why it is always advisable to wear one.

Kamiya Sindoor Vashikaran Mantra Totke
Kamiya Sindoor Vashikaran Mantra Totke

Wearing a Sindhoor or tilak is said to cool the temple of the mind and keep you from getting upset or losing your temper. In women it is also a representation of being married. It is also considered to ward of any evil that nears you.  Kamiya Sindhoor is the most popular and very effective form of this sindhoor. This is a holy product obtained as the Prasad of Maa Kamakya a temple in the state of Gujarat. Applying this Sindhoor has many benefits and reasons.

If you have tried everything in life to keep evil and bad luck from not approaching you, and all of them have failed, then it is always a good idea to try this.  This Sindhoor has special powers and can be used for the benefit of anything that you want to achieve in life. There is a particular mantra to be read and a particular way this sindhoor has to be applied and that brings the difference between this and other sindhoors.

Indian mythology and folklore have always mentioned about this sindhoor in various stories and there are references of great kings and even gods using this to overcome evil and influence others with their thoughts and powers.  By using this sindhoor you will be able to take control of the minds of people who you want to influence and make an impact in their lives as well as yours. This sindhoor will give you everything that you need or aspire for in your life.

One word of caution is however that this will work only when the intentions are pure and is for the benefit of the person without harming anyone, in any way. You should not try to use this for destroying someone’s life in a physical, emotional or any other manner. Mythology and ancient vedic scriptures strongly suggest against it.  So if you are willing to change your life, tried everything and has not worked. Do not lose hope. This is the best and most effective way.

Using the Sindhoor for the best results

Powder the original form of the rock into a fine powder and mix it with some kesar, (Saffron), Chandan (Sandal powder) and holy water of Ganga. If you do not have the holy water of Ganga or do not have access to it, you can always use clean water. Keep the water in front of your deity at home for 24 hours and then use it.

Make the sindhoor into a paste by mixing all the above items and apply it on your forehead like any other sindhoor.  Keep the rest of the Sindhoor in various places of importance at your home. Like you can keep some of it in a small silver or copper container in the locker where you keep your money. If you have skin or health problems, apply this sindhoor in your body. It will clear the problem in no time.

It is always advised to start using the Kamiya sindhoor for 11 days starting an auspicious Friday. For some of the rituals it is suggested to use for 21 days.  Use this sindhoor when you are going out on some important financial work. Good fortune will be with you. You can also use this while visiting any temple of religious place. The impact of the sindhoor will be higher in such places, and will attract the power of the god you visit.

Whatever desired work you are about to start, you should start by applying the sindhoor. It will bring in the blessings of the Maa and all evil will ward off. This is especially true for all work or business related activities. Your business enemies will be warded off bad intentions by noticing the positive energy that the sindhoor creates.

When NOT to use the Sindhoor

There are however times, that it is not advisable to use the sindhoor.

1.    Before making or applying the sindhoor, refrain from eating any non-vegetarian food. The two do not match and the results will not be good.
2.    Like non-vegetarian food, you should also refrain from consuming alcohol.
3.    Stay away from fights or arguments of any kind with any one while making or applying the sindhoor. It needs to be created and applied in a positive environment every time.
4.    Animals are also sacred and you should refrain from harming any form of animal during this period.

Mantra for chanting while applying the sindhoor

When you are making or applying the sindhoor, always chant this mantra for the best effective results. This mantra, based on its sound and vibrations, will infuse all the surroundings with positive energy while removing the negative ones.

OM Namah Him Klim Sarvarth Sadhinaye Kamakshaye Swaha
Kamakyam Kaam Sampanna Kameshwari Hari Priya
Kamna Dehi Me Nitya Kameshwari Namo Stute

It is always better to consult an astrologer or specialist or guru before embarking on this journey. While some people are confused as to why their ritual did not work, it is usually because of their astrology and the placement of the stars in that time frame.  An astrologer will be able to calculate this with accuracy and recommend the right thing.

He will also be able to get you the right and authentic powder or rock from the right sources. Beware of all fake products around this.  Once you do it in the right format and with the right materials. You will be surrounded with positive energy and all the negative energy around you will disappear. You can then focus on the actual priority that you want and achieve great things.