Love Marriage Karne Ke Totke

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Love Marriage Karne Ke Totke

Love Marriage Karne Ke Totke, Love marriage has been happening from ancient times. From the time of Lord Krishna till today people had been falling in love and fighting for it. People say that marriages are already made in heaven. On earth people come together to make it possible. However, the path of Love marriage cannot always be smooth.


The boy and girl may face strong opposition from the parents and society. Due to this either the couple given in to the external pressures or go to harm themselves. Here I will discuss various ways and tactics which can help the boys and girls to make their love marriages possible.

There are some vasikaran mantras which are Love marriage karne key totke. The book full of wonders which is also known as the Lal Kitab gives some wonderful measures to pacify the disturbances created in your Love Life.

Some of the effective mantras that makes the love marriage a reality is discussed below:

“om bhaaagaaawaaate shreegovindaaay”

This mantra is known as the Krishna Mantra and gives you the most effective and proven results if chanted with complete faith in it.

love marriage karne ka upay

 “Hey gaaauri shaaankaaaraaardhaaangi /yaaathaaa twaaam Shaaankaaar priyaaa /taaathaaa maaa kuru kaaalyaaani, kaaany kaaantaaa sudurlaaabhaaam”

This is shiv parvati mantra which any girl can chant to make her love marriage possible. This chant can be started on any Monday during Navratri . The vidhi of starting this mantra is given below:

Go to any Shiv Parvati temple Abhishek the Shiv Parvati idol with milk, water, ghee, Chanda, Bail part, push, dhoop, naivedh. With the help of mouli suta or thread do the Gathbandhanof Shiv Parvati Sitting in the temple you can chant the Shiv parvati for 108 times using a lal chandan mala

This chant should be continued for nest three months, you can either continue this chant in the temple or at you home you can place the Shiv Parvati idol and continue the jaap in front of them.

The totke used for love marriages are not only good for removing the hurdles that are coming in way but it also works if your boyfriend is attracted to anyone outside the relationship.

Love marriage karne ka mantra

Its very important to spell each word in the given mantra correctly. Each word of the mantra has its specific vibration that creates a magnetic field of that word. The waves that are generated in these fields impacts the mind of the person fro who the jaap is done. It not only creates the lost attraction but also rules the person’s mind so that he never think of giving up on the relationship.

Astrology remedies for love marriage

If you are tired of convincing your parents and its getting difficult to get their approval. You can take the help of reputed Astrologers who can read into your horoscope. They can study the plantery arrangements and give you remedies to reduce the ill effects of negative position of the planets. Some of these astrologers can be contacted through telephone as they have their contact numbers in the websites maintained by their associates.

Now a day there are many websites maintained by renowned astrologers who provide various solutions to the problems like love marriage.Not every person is lucky enough to see their love reaching to the stage of marriage. They feel helpless and lost. To bring hope in their life there are many Astrologers ready with their remedies for your Love marriage complications.

Besides the Vedic mantras and Astrological help there are totkes like some Love spellsthat can make all the complications coming in your love life vanish. The love spells are believed to be very effective so you should never use it with evil intentions.

The spell starts as given below:

Jungle ki yogini paaataaal ke naaaaaag |Uthoon mere veeron ——- ko laaaaaaoon humeraaa paaaaaas ||yhaaaaaan yhaaaaaan humere saaahaaaaaai|aaab naaaaaaj bhaaari taaaj bhaaari aaagni tek fook feromaaan visre mere Guru Goraaakhnaaaaaath ki Duhaaaaaai

This spell can be activated on the Solar or Lunar Eclipse day. The person’s name on whom the spell has to be done should be put on dashes and mantra should be chanted for 108 time for 21 days.

In Love relationships not every person is worthy of your love. He or she can deceit you and leave you heartbroken. Love has no room for dishonesty. If you are sure enough about your partner then only you should take help of this Love spell.

You might like or get attracted to someone for a short while. Loving a person is a beautiful feeling but the relationship can only thrive if there Trust and transparency. So you should always understand the difference between falling in love and getting infatuated.

With various kind of love marriage karne ka upay and mantra and even the astro help you should always be cautious of the fact that all the pain or effort that you decide to make should be for a worthy person.

You should also be care of approaching the right person or for the right kind of astro help. These days many websites claim to offer a sure shot method to give you love marriage karne ka upay. However not all persons are genuine and those fake people can just take advantage of your misery. It can result into a total waste of time and money so please be careful while approaching any Astrologer.

The strength of the mantra not only lie on its meaning but also depends on the intent with which it is chanted. The love marriage mantrahas been scripted with age old saints who intended to help people in need. They did intense meditation and followed a very discipline life, sacrificed their comforts of life.

Just because these mantras are easily available to us we should not take its undue advantage. We should always have a sense of respect and belief towards these Vedic treasures that helps our life less complicated.