Manchaha Pati Prapti Mantra

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Manchaha Pati Prapti Mantra

Manchaha Pati Prapti Mantra, Each one of you would love to get married to the person whom you desire. This person is the man or woman of your dreams. You may have never met this person or you may have already met a particular person in mind. It really doesn’t matter because you have total power to attract the person of your dreams.


You can attract that person into your life so that you can then get married to that particular individual and then live in bliss. All you have to do is perform a mantra sadhana with as much devotion as possible and with complete sincerity. You must note that you have total faith in your prayers and that you deserve to get the person you wish to attract. You can also perform upays and totkes in order to make the person you want come to you quicker than ever.

There are many mantras that let you find the husband whom you desire. You can find the man of your dreams and then get married to him. Here is a powerful manchaha pati prapti mantra that you can use:

Manchaha Pati Prapti Mantra

  • This is the Shri Ram mantra and it is a verse that is taken from the Ram Charith Maanas.
  1. You must start the mantra on the ninth day of any lunar fortnight.
  2. You need to place a photo of Lord Ram or an idol of him in front of you.
  • You should offer fresh flowers and light incense in front of the idol or photo frame.
  1. Now light a diya with ghee in it.
  2. Then you must chant the following mantra 108 times:


  1. You must continue this vidhi every day until you find the husband of your dreams and marry him.
  • The following mantra is to get a good husband according to your wishes.
  1. You must start worshipping Goddess Parvati regularly with utmost devotion. This can be done as explained below.
  2. You should get up very early in the morning and then you must take a bath.
  • Now you must put a photo frame or an idol of Goddess Parvati before you.
  1. You should then offer one red flower to Goddess Parvati every single day.
  2. Now you must chant the following mantra:


  1. You can continue to do this procedure until the man you wish to marry comes into your life and you get married.

Manchaha Pati Prapti Mantra

There are several remedies that you can inculcate into your life which will help you get the husband of your dreams rapidly. Here are a few manchaha pati pane ke liye upay that you can employ:

  • In addition to chanting specific mantras for manchaha pati, you can chant mantras that will be beneficial to your overall life. For example, you can chant the following mantra to remove obstacles from your path. The following is a Ganesh mantra to fulfill all your wishes:
  1. You must do this in the morning before sun rises.
  2. You should chant it for a total of 540 times:


  • You must be thinking about the wish that you want to fulfill while you are reciting the mantra above.
  • You should pray regularly but don’t sound desperate.
  • Have faith that you will meet the person at the right time and at the right moment.
  • Don’t rush into anything. Instead take your time and then expect the best to happen.
  • Be calm and meditate regularly to keep your mind from straying into negative thoughts.

You can try some tricks that allow you to attract the man of your dreams whom you wish to marry. Here are some manchaha pati pane ke totke that you can easily utilize and apply:

  • It is better that you become clear about the kind of person you want to marry.
  • You must be always thinking about the best and you must be optimistic at all times.
  • You shouldn’t be obsessive. But instead you should be positively expecting that you will get the man you want you marry soon.
  • Whenever you do any mantra, you should pronounce the words correctly. If you are unsure about any pronunciation, then you should consult an expert.
  • You must be sincerely perform the mantra for the said number of days. Don’t try to modify the mantra in any way.
  • You can consult an astrologer or some other expert if you want to get more clarity.
  • Follow your intuition at all times. There is no better guidance than your inner guidance.

Manchaha Pati Prapti Mantra

Are you a single person who wants to attract love into your life? Then you can chant a mantra to get the exact type of lover you want. Following is a strong manchaha pyar pane ka mantra that you can chant:

  • This is a tantra vidhi and you should truly love the person whose love you wish to receive in return. You must be really serious about the person you want to attract.
  1. You must be completely silent (i.e. keep a mawn vrat) every Thursday for 4 hours. You must do this after sunset.
  2. While you are in the period of the mawn vrat, you must think about your lover. Make sure that you are thinking only good positive thoughts about the person. You can visualize that both of you are getting married.
  • If you have a photograph of that person, you can look at the person in the photo for at least 10 minutes. You can look at the picture for more time too if you wish.
  1. While you are staring at the person in the photo, you must feel pure unconditional love emanating from you to that specific person.
  2. You should always remember that you must not meet this particular person you want to attraction Saturdays and during the new moon day.
Manchaha Pati Prapti Mantra

You can bring anyone you wish into your life so that you can get married. Then you can live happily ever after. You can bring any lover of your choice into your life and then make them solely yours. The main point you should remember is that you must be serious in your approach. You must truly want such a person for the right intention of always loving them. As long as you have belief in your love and you perform the method correctly, nothing in the world can stop you.

You must have complete faith in your love towards that person whom you wish to attract into your life forever. Be positive every day and make sure that you are emitting a positive vibration at all times. You are bound to attract the person of your dreams quicker in that way. Have faith and everything will work out just the way you want it to.