Vashikaran Totke for Success in Love Affairs

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Vashikaran Totke for Success in Love Affairs

First of all you should know the working procedure of Vashikaran spells/mantras. The closest synonym of the word Vashikaran is mind control. These kind of ancient spells usually removes the natural flow of mind and apply the power of mantas upon the victims. Furthermore Vashikaran also creates an illusion of love/passion over heart and soul of the victims. Victims moves completely under the spell and works accordingly. You can find various types of Vashikaran spells in Vedic spell books. These spells can save you from enemies, bring back lost love or help you getting married. Finally the spells can give you full control over objects and persons.

vashikaran totke for success in love affairs
vashikaran totke for success in love affairs

Of course most popular usage of Vashikaran is to solve love troubles. So what kind of cupid trouble are you facing? Probably you want your lost love back. But it’s been so long. You are so confused and anxious at the same time. Well, Vashikaran can bring him/her back. Try some effective Vashikaran totke here. You need holy metal container or Vojpatra for this spell. First of all put your lover’s image in front of you. Next use blood from ring finger to write his/her name in Vojpatra. Now chant Aadi rupay Arkansan mantra 1100 times to infuse the container. Finally immerse the Vojpatra completely in pure honey for 21 days secretly. Especially relevant thing is reciting his/her name after the rupay word in the mantra.

This is one of best way to get back lost love quickly. Another famous totke is to reach siddh in Hreem mantra. Try to chant this seed mantra for 10,000 times during Holi the color festival. After reaching siddh take his/her hair in your left hand and recite the same for another 10,000 times. Now hide the hair in a sacred place like worship-alter. Holi is the festival of love after burning the she-demon Holika. Therefore this special time brings back everything auspicious including your long gone love. Another important one is Ghor Rupini mantra. Make some food for you while chanting the same for 1108 times on a Sunday or Tuesday.

Finally eat the food while eyeing her image in front of you. Yes. This special Vashikaran totke is for control over girl/woman. Most noteworthy thing is to recite her name after the word Rupini in the mantra. According to Lal Kitab chanting Laxmi Narayan mantra daily and specially on Thursday can give you the gift of love marriage. The same mantra can increase affection in a long relationship. Laxmi and Narayan are the ideal couple in Vedic mythology. Therefore their blessings can save your relation and bring you love marriage.  To get the full control over someone try Kamakhya mantra. You need some milk made sweets to energize.

Recite Kamakhya mantra for 108 times in lotus pose while holding sweet in your hand. Try the same in a full moon. Next day offer the sweet to your special someone. The result will bring her under your complete control. You can try some new mantras originated from the after-Vedic society. The mantras are different from the Aryan Vashikaran. Furthermore the language is Hindi. Infuse 7 cardamoms with black crow spell and mix in his/her food. You will be the master of his/her mind overnight. Another popular usage of Vashikaran is the recitation of Bhagabati mantra. Take some salt in an earthen container and repeat the Bhagabati mantra for 7 times for enchanting. Mix the same in his/her food to get his/her love.

Do not forget to change the word Devdanti with his/her name for suitable result.  Probably you are facing inter-caste love trouble. But you want to marry your lover. Well try Mohini Vashikaran mantra in a Full moon. Chant the same on a full moon for 108 times facing north and energize some Sunday flower. Finally keep the flower in the worship room of your house wrapping in a red silk. You will get rid of all the love troubles immediately. Mohini mantra has different application considering the charmed objects. For a deep relation in conjugal life you can infuse period blood by the same mantra. Finally apply the same on your lover/husband’s forehead to get full control.

For love marriage you need three full cloves with its flowers and the same Mohini spell. Infuse them with the same spell for 1000 times and during period put all three cloves inside your underwear. Finally grind them smoothly and mix in your lover’s food or drink to get married. The same spell can increase physical intimacy and comfort zone in conjugal life. Another important totke to attract your love is the use of nail dust. Collect all nail dust from your hand and feet. Next mix them in your lover’s food and offer the food to him/her. Your marriage will come soon with bright luck. Try to collect some ash from a deceased person on a New moon Saturday.

Next mix the same in his/her food to light the love deep inside. Furthermore try some quick Vashikaran tips. You must date him/her in full moon. In full moon, the lord of moon or lord Soma spreads his charm on earth. Therefore love and passion increase in full moon. Waxing moon also brings the same result. Furthermore try to use green color in accessories as green defines fertility and lust. Green is also the color of Vedic Cupid Kamdev.Another notorious mantra is Kaampishach spell. Check the word notorious as the spell has powerful negative consequences. You must use under strict expert guidance. First of all chant the Kleem Kaampishach mantra for 15 days while facing north.

Try this in midnight for 108 times in buff. Most noteworthy thing is changing the word amuki with the name of your beloved. The word Kaampishach will change in Kaampishachi considering the gender of your lover. The mantra follows the Seed mantra of goddess Mahakali as Pishachi is another avatar of the same goddess.Siddh in this mantra will make him/her your servant forever. But remember the negativity of the same.